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FINRA BrokerCheck

FINRA regulates the Broker/Dealer profession, including firms and their associated persons. FINRA BrokerCheck includes information on over 850,000 current and former registered individuals and over 6,000 FINRA registered firms.

FINRA BrokerCheck is a resource tool to learn about the professional background, registration/license statuses and conduct of FINRA registered firms and their registered brokers. FINRA BrokerCheck was designed to be simple and efficient in its delivery of information. FINRA makes information on securities professionals and firms available online and, in most cases, detailed report information is returned to you by e-mail within minutes of your request.

FINRA BrokerCheck is governed by federal law, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations, and FINRA rules approved by the SEC. State disclosure programs are governed by state law, and may provide additional information on brokers licensed by the state.

Information made available through FINRA BrokerCheck is derived from the Central Registration Depository (CRD®) as reported on the industry registration/licensing forms – Form U-4 and Form BD. The Forms are approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and adopted by all self-regulatory and state securities regulators. Also included is regulatory information separately reported to the CRD by the SEC, self-regulatory organizations such as the FINRA and New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), and state securities regulators. The most current information on brokers and firms is made available. Historical information that is no longer reportable on Form U-4 and information contained solely within state records is available only through the appropriate state regulator.

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If you prefer to use the telephone, call 800-289-9999.